• Do you feel fulfilled with your life? 
  • Do you love your job but have no time for your family and friends? 
  • Are you bogged down in stress and worry and feel good sleep and healthy eating slipping away?
  • Have you resigned yourself to the belief that your life is what it is because you're sick of trying and failing with nothing ever changing? 

Living in Your Sweet Spot: A Practical Guide to Your Authentic Life is designed to guide you to understanding what you do that brings yourself closer to or further from your authentic self. It is about what you do to protect, avoid, delay, deny, or excuse not living your life to its fullest potential. 

Living in Your Sweet Spot can help you better understand and confront: 

        The physical damage of stress; What is keeping you from restful sleep; 
        Easy steps to effective meditation; 
        The emotional and physical value of gratitude; 
        Understanding your purpose and following it to your destiny;      
        and Many more powerful steps to living in your sweet spot. 

When you live in your sweet spot as your authentic self, all the pieces of your life fit together harmoniously and you have a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. Using personal narratives gained from her clients' success stories and her own, Dr. Pat Gibson's Living in Your Sweet Spot offers the exercises, tools, and knowledge to achieve your authentic self and live the life you deserve.

There are a number of different things that keep 
people from living their dreams. 

For some it is the inability to know what they want.  
Others are too busy living a hectic stressed-out life to slow down 
and consider what life they are truly meant to live. 
 Some don’t feel worthy or deserving, and others believe they 
need to live or behave in a specific way to have the things they desire.  

Uncovering what you tell yourself is essential to living as your authentic self.
Spiritual Wisdom

For over 2 decades Dr. Pat Gibson has been one of my greatest teachers and healers. She has generously shared her spiritual wisdom on multiple levels and I know my ability to express myself in life has been elevated as a result of my work with her. Dr. Pat leads others to their own authenticity with compassion, fostering independence through a personal relationship with the Highest Self. This book gets my highest recommendation knowing that each reader will grow through its gifts.

Laine Morgan, Ministerial Intern
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Dr. Pat Gibson is the founder and director of the Gibson Chiropractic Clinic, PC located outside of Atlanta. She brings 30+ years of experience to her multi-dimensional practice incorporating a three-pronged approach to assist each individual in correcting whatever imbalances are present. She utilizes nutritional supplemens along with diet and lifestyle changes to correct for organ and chemical imbalances, chiropractic care to address structural imbalance, and emotionally-based body work to help clients get at that not-so-conscious piece that is demanding attention.

Additionally, she has designed and facilitates workshops on the "science of happiness", which assists individuals in getting to the core of what prevents them from living a balanced life with joy and passion as well as giving them tools to create change.
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Anything is Possible 

I have known Pat for many years and she has truly walked along my life's journey with me. She is a healer through her words and actions. With Pat's help and guidance, I have recognized unhealthy patterns within myself, realized that anything is possible and being truly happy comes from within. I am forever thankful for Pat's wisdom and gently touch that has helped me stretch and grow and live my authentic self. 


A Gifted Intuitive Healer

Pat is a gifted intuitive healer. Working with her has allowed me to release blocked energy and heal in ways I could never have imagined. I am now moving forward and make progress in areas where I have been stuck and struggling for decades.  

With gratitude, 

Robin Cahill-Roberts
CEO, Nuestros Ninos, Our Kids Pediatrics

Profound and Powerful

Dr. Pat was gracious enough to share her forthcoming book with me. Her words resonated in a profound and powerful way. Through her personal story and insights, she gives us a clear path to awareness and self-fulfillment as we traverse this journey of life. I am not one to buy into the latest self-help books and am skeptical of most. Not this one. Dr. Pat Gibson's words are truly human, compelling, caring and authentic.  

Liz Lorber, “Mom” Orpheus Brewing Company

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